Wondering How Luxury Hotels Keep It Fresh? Cleaning Tips To Borrow From Hotel Housekeepers

Practically no one actually enjoys cleaning the bathroom. Especially when you can’t get certain stains out of the tub or off of the faucets. It’s always shocking how spectacular hotel bathrooms look. Therefore, who better to take cleaning pointers from than them? Here are some of the best cleaning tips you can find, straight from hotel housekeepers.

Tip 1: Clean before you clean. You can’t completely clean a space if there are items in your way. Move the toothbrush holder, the napkin holder, any towels, and any accessories that are cluttering the countertop. You must start with a blank slate in order to get the bathroom as clean as possible. Wiping around the items won’t quite do the trick.

Tip #2 Use the right towels. Using the wrong cleaning towels can actually give you more dust, rather than take it away. Meaning even more cleaning! Hotel housekeepers useĀ micro-fiber cloths. This is because these types of cloths pick up dust more than any other types of cloths. However, you can also use one hundred percent cotton rags, or any old Hanes T-shirt. The materials to avoid are terrycloth and polyester.

Tip #3 Shake the curtains. Curtains hold so much more dust than you realize. All of those tiny particles end up around the whole room. This means that all the time you spend dusting and cleaning will be wasted, and you’ll have to do it again the next day. Take a hand towel and snack it against the curtains to get rid of the dust. Then, vacuum it up!

Tip #4 Take your time. Cleaning fast is ideal, but often in-efficient. In order to really do a thorough cleaning, you have to spend some time in the room. The best cleaning products are ones that take a while to kick in.

If you are able to practice patience, the products will do the cleaning for you. So, you’ll actually save time. Leave cleaning sprays on the bathroom walls, toilets, tiles, and counters for long enough to let the product work. Then, you’ll only have to rinse away rather than scrub away.

Tip #5 Use a caddy! Yes, you might feel like you’ve gone back to the college days. However, when y
ou think about hotel housekeepers you’ve seen, they’re often carrying one. It makes your life much easier. You can fit all of your cleaning supplies quickly, and more easily. The most common method is to just fill a mop bucket with your supplies. Make sure that whatever you choose to use for the caddy has handles.

Tip #6 Use a toothbrush. Toothbrushes are one of their favorite tools. They’ll allow you get into all of the nooks and crannies that you can’t get with your finger, or towels. They’re probably the most inexpensive cleaning tool you can have; and most of us have spares right in our bathroom drawers. Remember to keep it in your caddy, though, so that no one confuses it with a spare toothbrush, for its real purpose.

Tip #7 Vinegar and water. This power combination can sometimes clean better than any other household cleaning product on the market. They work great to clean residue off of almost any bathroom surface. Try to use 1/2 water, and 1/2 vinegar.



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